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We specialize in all types of mobile home moves

MD Enterprise Delivers Modular Transportation From Alberta To…Anywhere!

Let MD Enterprise help you get a move on. Located in Grande Prairie, our family owned and operated business has helped customers all over Canada and the United States move their modular and mobile homes since 1996.

New homeowner? MD Enterprise will pick up your newly built home or mobile structure from the manufacturer and transport it safely to your desired location. From the Great White North to southern shores, our drivers have experience moving modular buildings all over North America.

Reliable Drivers to Take You Anywhere

With 20 years of experience under our wheels , you can trust our drivers to carefully transport your mobile unit smoothly through the Rocky Mountains, across the prairies or over the Great Lakes.

Planning to move across the border? MD Enterprise is US licensed and fully insured, so we can move your mobile unit securely and efficiently anywhere in North America.

Propelling Your Property

Our trucks are equipped with trailers to handle any dimension modular home or mobile unit for a smooth ride and safe haul. Whether it’s a two-story, bi-level or cottage, moving any type of modular home is our specialty.

We also welcome manufacturers and dealers! Complete a comprehensive service to your clients with MD Enterprise. Our team respects the industry and will work closely with you and your business on the specifications of your mobile home transportation needs.

Motion for a Greener Home

Modular homes support sustainable construction through increased energy performance, reduced environmental footprints and a decrease in material waste. When you choose to buy a modular home or office, you’re choosing a healthier alternative to on-site construction.

We want to help you put your green home to good use by supplying the right tools to transport your modular building anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Call us today to get your eco-friendly modular home or office in motion!


Modules decrease greenhouse gas emission


Whatever you choose, we can transport it


We love to hear back from our satisfied customers

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